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Danish course for exchange students

Beginners course from Dit Dansk, winther 2023

Living in Denmark is much more fun and interesting if you understand and speak some Danish! With this course you will soon speak Danish with all your new friends.

The course

When living in Denmark, you need to learn some basic Danish, but sometimes it's a bit difficult to get started. In this course you’ll learn the basics for everyday conversations. With small daily tasks, you’ll quickly find yourself communicating with your host family and your classmates in Danish.

As reading and writing takes much longer to learn, we will only include it where necessary and only as a support for learning everyday conversation.


The objective of the course is to get you going in your everyday communication, and the course will also teach you how to learn more Danish on your own. Learning on your own is possible, as you are surrounded by Danish speaking people all the time.

How much can one learn during this course?

If you participate actively and make use of the suggested tasks, you will be able to communicate in simple Danish about your everyday life by the end of February. You will be able to talk about what you did the previous weekend, ask questions, suggest various activities to do with your classmates and talk about topics such as sports, food, music, etc.

More importantly, you will learn enough Danish to be able to learn more on your own. 

Organization of the course

The course has two main components: online class once a week + 30 minutes of homework every day. Don’t stress about the homework, as there are no written assignments, rather your homework will focus on listening tasks and lots of conversation.


Your homework is an essential part of the course, and will be of the following kind:

  1. Vocabulary: you’ll learn lots of words about your everyday life.

  2. Oral homework of various kinds, e.g. listening tasks, practicing tasks and lots of real life dialogue tasks. These tasks will make you use Danish in real life, even if you feel a bit insecure. You’ll find the tasks easy, as we practice in class before you are given a task to do on your own. That way, you'll feel prepared and confident. These tasks will also help you break the ice with your new classmates.

  3. Video presentations. Twice a week you are invited to upload a short video with the topics and sentences you have practiced. You will also get feedback from the teacher on these videos.

  4. Duolingo: when combined with real life interaction, Duolingo is a splendid language learning tool. Your homework will therefore include learning on Duolingo every day. If you prefer Babbel, Memrize or some other learning app, feel free to use that instead. However, I recommend Duolingo (the free version is enough).


You will not get any written assignments or tasks, but you will be provided with links to grammar tasks and the like, which you can do, if you have spare time and if you like learning with these kinds of tasks.


The online class is once a week from 16.30 – 18.00 on Zoom. You need to use a computer/laptop, not a phone or tablet. You also need to turn on your webcam.

IMG_8172 - lille (2).jpg


My name is Marie-Louise Kragelund, and I’m a linguist and a language teacher. I have been teaching Danish at all levels to youth and adults for more than 15 years, and three years online. I mainly teach advanced students at the moment. However, I have taught numerous beginners’ classes, and I have also taught exchange students several times.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please feel free to contact me on messenger (Marie-Louise Kragelund) or by e-mail.

Price and registration

To keep the price reasonable, we have limited the classes to once a week and instead added lots of homework. This approach works perfect for exchange students, as you have easy access to lots of supportive Danish speaking people in school and in your host family.

The price includes:

  • Online class: once a week for 5 weeks: 1½ hour (2 lessons) + 1 final lesson (6 online classes)

  • Plan for homework for every day for 5 weeks (Sunday is your day off, though)

  • Feedback on video presentations 2 times a week.

  • Learning materials (online)

  • Access to the needed learning platforms


Total price: kr. 795,- ( Euro: 107,-  US$: 110,-)

Click here to sign up 



Please sign up no later than December 31.

The course starts January 18, 2023.

Classes are Wednesdays 16.30 - 18.00.

Terms: a) The fee is refundable until the course starts. b) If the teacher needs to cancel a class due to illness or the like, class will be rescheduled. 


In this video you get to meet the teacher (that's me :-), and get a bit more info about the course.

At the end of the video, you'll hear me say "See you in August" - well, that is of course in January :D

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